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How AI Is Changing How Companies Hire New Talent

Companies are now using AI to find and hire new talent. AI can scan resumes and even do interviews. It’s like having a robot recruiter. The tech industry is leading the way, with companies like Workday, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), and HCL Tech using AI for hiring.

AI and HR Teams

AI helps HR teams work smarter. It can handle boring tasks like job requisitions, so HR people can focus on what matters. AI can also find talent that used to get overlooked. It can even find key insights from big data sets, which would be hard for humans to do.

What AI Does

Workday uses AI to help HR teams work better. It can automate things, widen the talent pool, and find useful info from large data sets. TCS uses AI to create candidate profiles, help with screening, shortlisting, and even interviewing. It can also give tips to human interviewers.

The Pros and Cons of AI in Recruitment

AI in hiring has some pros and cons. The big plus is that AI can help HR teams work more efficiently. But there’s a downside. AI can seem cold, and people worry about bias. Some say AI might not understand the human side of things.

One person, Ty, had a phone interview with an AI system. He said it was creepy. Others worry about fairness. A survey by Tidio shows that only 31% of people are okay with AI deciding if they get hired. But if a human is involved, 75% are okay with it. Still, 25% think using AI in recruitment is just not fair.

Finding the Right Balance

The key might be balancing human recruiters with AI tools. This way, AI can do the heavy lifting, and humans can add the personal touch. This could make hiring more efficient without losing the human side.

What About the Future?

One question people ask is about automated screening. It’s been around for a while, but with AI getting smarter, how much difference will it make? We don’t know yet, but it could change how companies find and hire new talent.

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